Saturday, September 18, 2010


Let me continue from where I had stopped in the previous post. The guy whom we met on the way, to enquire about the houses for rent inside NGV actually turned out to be the broker, at least if not a genuine broker, a retired bank manager transformed instantaneously into a broker. This is the entry of the main character of the play "SHASTRI".

When we first asked him, he passively directed us to some other place to check out for the information. After this, when we were about to leave, he called us and said there's a house for rent in some block and that he would show that. You cant judge people from the persona, and thats where we went wrong. We thought he would just show us the house and everything else would be straight forward. If we cant bear the expenses, we could just reject it. We were prepared for an advance of 1 lakh and nothing more than that. Ninad gave his number to the transformed broker and we came back. We met one of Ninad's friends, whose friend was staying in NGV for a pretty long time. Ninad's fren asked that person about the ongoing rates inside NGV. He plainly said that 15k is worth staying in NGV and he actually gave another broker's number to us for enquiry. We called him too and he asked us to meet on the Monday. All this happened on Saturday. We gave this information to Kameshwar and Phani who were supposed to give the token advance to another independent house, in the evening. We asked them to see that NGV house on Sunday morning and then we can decide on the choice. The plan was to have a look the house before 10 and if it does'nt appeal, we could pay the advance to another independent house. Kameshwar and Phani went to have a look at the NGV house and were very much impressed and they both asked "SHASTRI" to reduce the advance from 1.5 to 1, and we would strike this deal only on satisfying this condition. He supposedly called the owner or caretaker of the house and he said that they have agreed for the advance of 1 lakh. We prepared for the money, me and Ninad came to Bangalore on Sunday evening. Monday morning, we both needed to meet Shastri. Phani and Kameshwar already had some weird experiences with him, mainly his speech and lectures on life. They told us about that, but we never cared for that too much.

We met him on Monday, and he gave a twist to the story, that the owner is not agreeing for anything less that 1.5 lakh as advance. We spoke to him for some 10 mins. Within that short span, we had a slight glimpse of the kind of lecture he would be giving us whenever we meet him in future. He passed this statement " you people are software people and you can be fired anytime". I don't know, what he meant by this, and how was it related to the topic of rent and advance. We went back saying that more than 1 lakh, we cant afford and that maximum that we can is 1.2 lakhs. Within a speck of a second, he called Ninad and said they had agreed for 1.2 lakh. This guaranteed that Mr."SHASTRI" was playing a double game. I got fed up of thinking and decided to pay the token advance for the independent house the evening. But, fortunately or unfortunately, that house was occupied by evening. We were left with NGV and we asked that broker from City real estate to show some other houses.

The next morning asusual on the duty, went to see some 3 houses. Only, one of them appeared to be good. We had also called another broker in NGV and we went to see the house in NGV, thinking that the house would not be the same as the one which was shown by SHASTRI. He too showed the same house and now, we were in a complete mess. A single house with two brokers, and we were passing through both of them. I called one of them and confirmed that we were not going through him and he agreed to it. We put the ball in the brokers court regarding the sharing of the commission, between them. I dont know how many people were involved. Shastri called Ninad and said that they had agreed for an advance of 1 lakh.

On duty, we went to meet Shastri at his place to pay the commission and the token advance. This day, we needed to hear something, almost everything weird and stupid. We drew money from the bank and went to the Shastri's house. He made us sit for about half an hour and that span, he spoke these things. It is upto you to judge what kind of a person this guy is. Golden words from "SHASTRI": "All the terrorists should be shot dead and their kidneys should be plucked off from them after that". "For India to develop, two policies should be brought to force, Communism and Arabism". "People are making money in commonwealth games, and such people should be manacled at the corners of the stadium after the games and they should be left like that until they get dehydrated and die out". The previous one was the answer to Ninad's question "Is there any problem related to water supply?". Please note the magnitude of weirdness prevailing in him. Anyone can doubt on whether he was a bank manager. We were waiting for the caretaker of the house to arrive and finally at 11-30, we paid the money to them. By the time, we left it was 12, and these were the final words from him:"I will teach you some lessons on "HOW TO MAKE MONEY", but only if you have the desire to make. You know, why I called you back that day. I first thought why should I care for this when you enquired about the house. But then my mind said, "SHASTRI, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY", and hence called you back". We just nodded the head before leaving and thought of saying a final bye to this Bank manager turned broker. Finally, we were by now, in the making of a boulevard of a bachelor life at NGV.

We decided to shift on the coming Monday and we needed to face some problems before the final entry, like the advance was decided only by mr.Shastri and the caretaker without informing the owner. We needed to pay 1.2 finally after contacting the owner directly, otherwise would have led to some unforeseen circumstances later. I think, Saturday was the last day, that our group had some sort of contact with "THE LEGEND OF SHASTRI". The final talk was regarding the advance issue. The end of "LEGEND OF SHASTRI". All of us are hoping that the "LEGEND OF SHASTRI:part-2" wont get released. For about one month, the journey in NGV has been smooth and wonderful with cooking in full flow. Hope is the only thing which can light the flames of enthusiasm, and I'm living with it.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Let me go straight to the topic. We were in search of a house to stay in Bangalore. Me, Ninad, Kameshwar and Phani planned to stay together. The worst part is that everyone in the group are lazy buggers including me. Me and Ninad start working only when the asses are set on fire, Kameshwar is the most indifferent person I've ever seen. He used give this vague and the most indifferent answer one can give "Anything is ok for me", whenever we looked a particular house and called him to ask his opinion. Kameshwar starts to work only after the burning sensation in the ass crosses a tolerance limit. Phani gives his answer which is always implicit through his expression and some weird sounds to accompany it. He to sails in the same boat with me and Ninad when it comes to laziness, may be slightly better than we both. I think this much of introduction is enough. Now, comes the herculean task of searching a house in Bangalore.

It was me and Ninad, who used to go in search for houses. We contacted some 2 to 3 brokers nearby Ejjipura. Each and every day, for about a week, the brokers called us up and said, there is a very good house and you can have a look at it. Since both of us dont have time restrictions, for one week, we used to go to office by 11 or sometimes 12 too. 12 means almost lunch time!!!! We did'nt get even a single house which appealed to us other than one eerie place(the moniker we kept for a house on the terrace of an apartment). The information about the eerie place was told by Vaiwasvatha, and we had given the token advance(of 500 Rs) too. But then, 9K for that single large hall was not that much worth, and everyone raised some issues regarding the difficulty to stay there alone during night times. The place was like that(top of the terrace with no lights around). We ditched that place, and looked around for many houses nearby. Finally, a broker from the City Real Estate showed us a 3 bedroom independent house which appeared to be very nominal, and we thought of striking that deal. We saw that house and asked both Kameshwar and Phani to see the house by evening and pay the token advance. It was some Saturday, we saw this house. Since all was decided, me and Ninad left the place and planned to come back to Mysore. On the way to his PG, in the bike, Ninad showed NGV and said lets go one round inside and come back. I thought it was simply a waste of time and my mind was all set to reach Mysore as soon as possible, otherwise it would'nt be worth going. Somehow he convinced and took me inside. The campus was awesome and we just stopped inside somewhere before exiting. Then, came the turnaround for the story. Ninad saw a beautiful chick and of course, sitting behind a guy. You cant spot beautiful chicks alone in Bangalore. Newtons third law " For every beautiful chick in Bangalore, there will always be an opposite reaction, from a guy on the phone or from a guy going in tandem on the roam", holds valid. After seeing that chick, Ninad said "It would be awesome to stay here in this campus". We thought of just enquiring someone on the availability of the houses and the rates(mainly). We were going slowly inside NGV and spotted someone with a glass, who appeared descent, from the persona. You have to tell whether our guess about that person was correct after reading the entire story. One entire post needs to be dedicated to explain about our experiences with that guy(definitely an odyssey).

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It was the last day for one of the my friends Kishore(KD) to stay in Mysore. He thought that by the time he comes back to Mysore again, may be just a few weeks later, most of them would have separated and would have gone on their duties. Kishore had been posted to Chennai and was intimated to join the IBM group on the 17th of june. Let me slightly move to the history of the offer letter. I dont remember the exact date when he was intimated about this. But, as far as I remember, it was during the last week of May, i.e the time when the VTU exams were on the run. He was a little pissed off when he heard that he had been posted to Chennai, because his heart was always beating to stay in Bangalore. At first, when he heard the news, his first reactions were like "99 percent, I'm not going man". On the 6th of June, we had gone on a short distance, short number class trip to Meenakshipura, not more than 15 kms from Mysore. I guess, we were only 10 of them, and all from our class, thats the reason why I called it a class trip even though the trip lacked the quorum. When I called KD for the trip, he refused to join us as he told that he had to attend some career counselling being delivered to him by one of his cousins. Since, a career is always more important than these even though we would'nt see us altogether as a class, probably for the rest of our lives, I did'nt force him too much. The previous day, he was 99 percent sure that he wont take up the job. I dont know what brain washing did his cousin do, the next day, there was a 199 percent shift and he was 100 percent sure of taking the job. Since, he was 100 percent sure of taking the job now, he thought of organising a small farewell at Yampa in our college. I bet, you cant get a better place to hang out than this, and KD has some unforgettable memories just in front of the Yampa counter. So, for the last time, he wanted to experience those hangouts with all his friends. But, that morning, i.e the morning of 15th, the IBM people had mailed many of them that their joining date has been postponed including KD. KD was waiting for a confirmation, in addition to the mail, he had received. Now, the odyssey of KD begins where he travels to Kolkota and then to USA back to Bangalore.

You can notice the lack of knowledge in VTU students, but definitely not intelligence and aptitude. They would have used all their brain for playing and trapping many pranks, for the whole of 4 years, nothing more than that. You dont need to give ideas to them for playing pranks. All of them will be knocking right in front of the opportunity door. We thought of trapping KD with a trick. I dont remember whose idea it was. Let it be anyone's but that idea was exemplary. I asked Vikas, an IS batchmate of our college to call KD and speak in disguise of an IBM official. He spoke to KD and informed him that his next joining date would be on 22nd of July and that he would need to join them at Kolkota. This offset his happiness of the postponement completely and probably more than that. He was almost in depression. To exalt him, Vikas called him up again and this time it was not an IBM-GBS guy speaking to him, it was as an IBM-ISL guy. KD was informed that "....IBM-GBS people have forwarded your resume to us, and it seems very interesting and we are very much interested in making you one among us. So, could you tell us whether you can join us at USA and you will be paid 2000 dollars per month....". The conversation ended with KD saying "....I need to ask my parents and I dont have any problem with VISA....". This time KD was so much excited that, where Vikas had told him as 2000 dollars, he came infront of us and informed us as 3000 dollars. Probably, after he heard the word US, he was not in a position to hear anything properly due to excitement. If you ask him now, he might say anything that he didnt beleive and all such bull shit, but one thing is for sure, he was indeed flying in the air after hearing the news about posting in US. Many of us would have sailed in the same boat as KD did, no surprise. We decided not to overwhelm his masqueraded excitement and took a hat from someone there and put it on him, before revealing this prank. I dont know whether he was upset or not, since I left the place immediately after KD was crowned "BAKRA" putting the hat on him. He had by now traveled from Chennai to Kolkota and then to USA. Then, came the true and authenticated information to him that he had been posted to Bangalore and that he need to join them on 17th itself. Thank god, we told him there itself about the prank. If we had'nt revealed, he would have definitely scolded the actual IBM official about his posting to Bangalore.

I would like to thank you, Mr. Kishore, for taking us on an inter continental trip. All of us would cherish those events in your journey for many more years to come and I hope, you can never forget it. Atlast, you have now two incidents in front of Yampa that you can probably never and ever forget in your life time!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


One always realizes the importance of something when he loses or misses it. As many of our friends who were placed in ibm-gbs, had already got their joining dates, they needed to depart from us very soon. On the 17th june, one of my friend KD had to join IBM in bangalore after he had traveled from Chennai to Kolkota, Kolkota to IBM-ISL(USA) and then back to Bangalore. I need to write a new post and will soon do it about the rationale behind the journey and indeed it was an odyssey. For the time being, let me come back to the night of 15th june. As one of my friends, Anantha had met with an unfortunate accident, me, KD, PJ, Shreyas and Shravan had gone to see him in his uncle's place. After coming out of his house, for the first time in his engineering life probably KD voluntarily offered to give us a treat as a farewell. Another most shocking scene that confronted us was PJ had got some money in his pocket and he agreed to share treat with KD. We called Venki and Taki to come to Kd road in mysore, one of the most busiest places mostly for college students. Venki came to see Anantha and we all went to a restuarant named 'Orange Piele' if I'm right. The idea was that of KD, who told that continental food is good over there. I dont know how many times he'd gone there before making such statements. Anyways, after going and sitting there, he plainly tells that he too is coming here for the first time. We finished our dinner and that was pretty good. Then comes the events which made the farewell a very memorable one.

One girl from our class had told somewhere that Venki was cute and that Venki also probably had a little liking for her. PJ, asusual on his role, called her and handed over the cell to Venki. This is how PJ put the ball in the court of Venki. He spoke to her in a light tone, and was a little embarassed in the beginning. Now, Venki returned to what PJ thought to be an ace with an unreturnable forehand. The ball had gone way behind PJ and PJ had to just watch the ball boy catching. Venki told about the name of PJ's crush to her which PJ had thought that info would not leak out anytime. When Venki tried to hand over the call to Taki, Taki ran miles away and I dont think he's going to talk to any girl in future. The one phrase I remember in this conversation between Venki and her was "then wats up". Finally it was over and we were about to leave the place. Then, came the idea of Venki, to tell about Shreyas's crush for about 7 to 8 years to his dream girl. Let me not mention the name here. He didnt have the number. I called my friend Deepal and got the number. Venki told that, he would tell everything about Shreyas to her assuming that she did'nt have Shreyas number. When she picked up the call, the voice came "hi shreyas" which indicated Venki to hand over the call to Shreyas direct. He spoke for 10 minutes and cut the call. We did'nt have any clue of the conversation. Let me go on to tell what happened after the call ended. Venki gave the idea of sending an sms to Shreyas's crush regarding the confession of his love toward her. I cannot state the exact sms here, but it was something like "you were my favourite girl for the past 6 years and I didnt have the guts to tell you......". As is the scenario most of the times, the reply was a passive, not really appearing like a rejection. It was like "I haven seen you in that position at all and I hope this would'nt work out probably" and finally "....I really appreciate your frankness". This is the case most of the times. The reply will most of the times appear like rejection from one point and from another point, it appears that she has not really completely rejected. Then again, Venki gave the idea of sending "....if you're single, why could'nt you give us a try....". The reply was again passive asusual. Finally the session ended with "No hard feelings from this side....we shall be friends further....keep in touch..". The reply was also similar. Probably for the first time in his life, Shreyas had to accept a defeat, as far as I've seen. There was no battle in which he had lost probably hitherto. But now, he was defeated by a girl. Let it be anything, these are the events which marked the "VALEDICTORY OF THE FAREWELL" which made the farewell a very memorable and a inextricable one in the minds of all of us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


It was a treat from 2 of my friends, Athreya and Raghavan, at the Green Leaf hotel, which is one of the famous hotels here in Mysore. Athreya, for his birthday and Raghavan, for getting placed in Wipro-VLSI. We were 10 of us, who had gathered there we waited for 15 to 20 minutes outside, since there was no place to sit, because of a huge crowd, as it was a Sunday. We ensconced, and each one of us ready for a banquet, by 8-30 p.m.. The hors-douevre, entree and the desserts were everything exemplary, not to be surprised as I have already stated of the hotel. The other 8 of us, were least bothered about the bill, since it was a treat. Athreya and Raghavan payed the bill and we all came out bantering each other. It was that time, this weird incident happened.

I had parked my bike, just behind the hotel. There is a coffee day, on top of the hotel, and a passage way from the delicatessein directly to the road. I took my bike, and was about to start. Packy, who had come with me just sat behind. A chair, about 7 to 8 kgs, came flying from nowhere and hit the ground just 1 meter beside us. We looked in all 3-D directions, and couldnt find the reason as to why that chair was there. If that had fallen on any ones head, probably he needed to have atleast 5 to 6 stitches, to rally. The impact on the ground appeared to be such a strong one. I and Packy laughed loudly with an illusion of a phantom in the mind. Then, Packy turned back and actually it was a person who threw the chair. He was sitting in the passage way from the coffee day. He was drunken, and he thought that laughter, we were ridiculing him. We swiftly passed by to the other side of the road. By that time, Athreya and Raghavan were just about to move in Athreya's victor bike. I do not know, what triggered in the mind of the drunken idiot, he came running to catch hold of them and he caught Raghavan's shirt, who was sitting behind Athreya. We were waiting for them, so that we all could depart to our houses. We turned behind, noticing this action of the drunkard. He was indeed shouting and became violent later. Athreya crashed into one of the parked vehicles on the other side of the K.D road. He lost control, trying to elude from the violent drunkard. That bloody drunkard broke Raghavan's and Athreya's helmets and both of them took some blows from him. Indeed, that drunken fellow was pointing to me and Packy, asking Athreya and Raghavan to call those people who ridiculed him, which he thought. It is that laughter of me and Packy which has most probably triggered him to commit such a violent action. At this time, two policemen passing in the same way after finishing their duty came to our help. One was a lady police in that. The group of friends of the drunkard, came to control their outrageous friend. There was a rift between us and that drunken group, in which only Raghavan and Athreya experienced the brunt. The policemen decreed us to leave the place before something serious could happen. All of us gathered near my place, and everyone was retrospective about what, why and how of that weird incident.

Indeed, we were least bothered to lodge a complaint in the nearby police station, about the incident. These kinds of people are existing and will continue to exist until some of these kinds of incidents are lodged as complaint and until some serious action is taken against such people creating nuissance. It happened to us today, and it may indeed happen to our parents in the future. We, the youths are ourselves afraid about the pros and cons of lodging the complaint. We think that, why do we need to get entangled in such law issues and this was one of the reasons my friends stated when I asked whether we shall lodge a complaint. I dont mean that I was right nor he is. I am just trying to describe the mentality of the youth, indeed the educated in particular. If we, ourselves who are educated think in these line, what to blame the illiterate youth. What we want today is to have some kind of fun while studying in India until fininshing the undergraduate and go abroad, dedicate our service to the improvement of some other country. One thing is for sure, it is when we, the youth of India, transform ourselves from armchair intellectuals to acting really to the retribution of such scoundrels, our nation can progress. Until then, such rogues will continue to exist creating nuissance in various places across the whole country. We definitely have to rise to the occassion, before its not too late.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


When his name used to appear in the newspapers or the television just 1 month before, all people used to genuflect him. But, now the minds of the people have transformed after the sex scandal of Swami Nithyananda, what the people call it now, has come to light. Whenever the people see his name, the scenario is entirely different now. They blame him for having indulged in such worldly sensual pleasures, which was not the notion of him, people had in their minds. The people just went crazy and there was an outbreak of a riot near his ashram near Bidadi, just few days back when this inner story was revealed, damaging many of the parts of his ashram. There were rumours that, he has gone somewhere absconding to sacrifice his body in Haridwar, and he has also now released a video to clarify the allegation against him. Well, this blog is not to depict the nature of Swami Nityananda or any other godmen, but in general to describe the reactions of the laity to such so called "godmen".

The most common illusion that the people create in their minds is that they combine the knowledge and preachings to the corporeal entity. Well, its the natural phenomenon of any individual indeed to relate and combine such things, which is already proved by Einstien's "Theory of Relativity". This is one such phenomenon which can be quoted as evidence to the Theory of Relativity. When such godmen give lectures on spirituality before such scandals come into light, hoi-polloi will go kow-tow, not to actually the teaching, but to the godman. They forget that, he too has a material body and let me not comment on whether he has such desires or not. Common people have their own imagination about the inner nature of the godmen, which is the reason for such negative impacts, which the people experience when stories of such scandals come into light. One point, I wish to remind to the common people is that, one should not follow a godman in particular, but his preachings. It is not necessary that the godman should not indulge in sensual pleasures. Indeed, he is also a corporeal like everyone of us, and even in all mythologies, the gods, to whom we have the obeisance, are consorted. With his efforts, he might have conquered some divine powers. Everyone's efforts are directed in different directions. He has concentrated himself to conquer those powers, and we are concentrating our efforts to achieve something(may be material gains) in our life. Let me not argue on which is superior to which. Even if we think that those powers are superior to all these material gains and that is ultimate essence of life, we should start to respect the power, the knowledge, he has conquered, and not the godman, himself. He is also in this world, and he also has the right to enjoy sexual pleasures and no one has the right to stop. Indeed, sex is not a taboo, which people have a wrong notion. Indeed, sex has its own respect, which also appears in almost all the mythologies of all religions. If one involves in such pleasures, that doesnt become an infringement. But, he might be indeed harming his own spirit, which we should be least bothered of.

Atlast, it is the knowledge, the divine power which should be paramount rather than any corporeal being. Whenever, you go watch a movie, you dont discombobulate the pathos that the actor or the actress invokes, with the reality of the actor or the actress who are just the representatives of such situation, in the movie. Similarly, the godmen should not be melded with the knowledge, nor the powers they have acquired. One more thing, I would wish to quote is that Buddha got enlightened after he had experienced almost every part of life. It is very difficult, almost impossible to quit the worldy pleasures consciously. Everything, that happens as a natural phenomenon has its own significance. It is because of this, our ancestors have properly made the rites of passage. It is the people who are to blamed for having made such indelible illusions about the godmen. And, Swami Nityananda, who is alleged to be involved in what people call scandal, still may have in him the knowledge and the divine powers he has acquired, striving hard.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is just a continuation of the previous blog. So, i don't have to give an introduction. Let me start off.


What i meant by amateurs in the branch is that the impression of the E&C branch in SJCE as one of the best in the entire state still prevailed in the minds of everyone. It is because of this, we still had the enthusiasm to study and the subjects were little interesting, at least to me.  Some of the stalwarts lost their way. Let me not go into the reasons for it. One thing is for sure, the lectures were so boring that some of them totally lost interest and the first signs of transformation were shown by K.D and our Sangeetha Kala Vidwan(Anantha). Our first class trip was on its way by November(2007). This was one of the most memorable ones and and entire blog would be needed to express the views on the trip. The main point here is that we had enjoyed to the core. Well, after the trip, it was third internals on the run and every one was busy preparing for it. Then, came the incident which i cannot forget in my entire life time.

It was December 12th, me, S.G., Mansoor, and Karthik(from NIE). We were on our way to Chamundi Hills as we all had finished the lab exams. S.G and Mansoor in one vehicle, myself and Karthik in another vehicle. Intentionally, I took the vehicle from Karthik and I was the one riding. On the way, his fuel tank got dried up. I was conscious enough, not to give the vehicle to him. Karthik is one person who rides the bike like playing the nfs game with a joy stick. Now you would know why was I so conscious. I pushed the vehicle for some time, and it was then Karthik took and bent the vehicle so as to propel petrol(if remaining)into the pipe. I must say unfortunately, it started. He rode to the petrol bunk, filled the fuel and he asked me to sit back. I was reluctant till the nth moment. It was this time, I realized the importance of sixth sense. He rode for probably 30 seconds, and we met with an accident. Now, this accident is one of the most hilarious incidents that has happened hitherto. Let me not give a detailed description of the accident. He made me fall from the bike and I was almost on the footpath. He was also on the road, with bike at some distance from him. He was panic probably and getting afraid of the crowd that he assumed to be gathered, he briskly ran took the bike and asked me to sit. I was not in a position to think about anything. I agreed to his words and acted accordingly. The intentions of escaping from the crowd gathering was shattered into pieces when he lost control and fell again as he was trying to evade from a person who was trying to stop us. Some how, we managed to move to the small shop near by, in the foot hills where S.G and Munsoor were waiting. We drank water and it was at that time I got a chance to look at the injury to my legs. Even Karthik was also hurt. Inspite of this, he was the one who tried to convince us to go to the top, spend some time and then move to the nursing home. I scolded him and asked him to turn the bike. We never went anywhere after this because and I was not in a position to go. We finished our exams and Jan 7th,2008 we finished our exams. Sometime in March or April, we got our results, I was still 80 not out. K.D. had got 73, which indicates the transformation. A 157 guy into the less than 75% range. Many of the stalwarts also getting out of 80. I have a very gloomy memory of the 4th semester events except giving the blank blue book in the internals. The first time in my life, my marks in any test was 0(subject-LIC). The next blog is the BLANK BLUE BOOK, will be posted shortly. At the end of the "BLANK BLUE BOOK" blog, you will come to know why I mentioned the guys as stalwarts.